The Good Technology


Am I saying technology is bad?

Am I saying technology is good?

I usually say that technology is a charming knife.

Am I saying a knife is good?

Am I saying a knife is bad?


It is all in the users’ hands.

Now you could think, is this lad a complete fool?
I’m aware this is a very complex matter, but let’s try to focus on the topic, firstly we should use the technology and not be used by it and secondly we should use it in a wise way.

Use it not be used, this should be our day by day thought; we can’t think nowadays to live without technology, mainly because it is good!

However we can’t live anymore for it, make it the objective of our day, striving each hour for one more like or a follower.

I remember when I got my first smartphone it was amazing and it improved my work life but it took not a long time to become a threat, we are used to phrases like “you read the message why you didn’t reply”, “I sent you an email why you didn’t answer” and “that email” was sent at 1 a.m.

Time passed, we got used to phones and tablets and I found myself answering emails at unthinkable time, ruining my sleep; there isn’t anything worst then start a working day not rested.

Reading above you could make a conclusion saying the smartphone was a bad invention, well, I’m still thinking it was a great invention but we have to use it wisely, what if the same piece of equipment would be used as a hot-spot allowing you to work from your preferred location saving commuting time and improving your life?

We have the duty to evaluate the current situation, take a breath and improve this world for the future generations starting from the basics, teaching them the beauty of the nature, letting them discover again the pleasure of a real conversation, a real one not using a messaging service.

If you’re living in a city how often are you packing up going outdoors with your family or your friends?
If so, how often during that day are you picking up the phone?
How often are you convincing yourself that you’re just “checking for email” and all of a sudden you’re spending half an hour on social media not even noticing it?

In this article we would just start a topic, leave some ideas, Good Technology is one of our hot topics, we will discuss this again in our articles, videos or live sessions.

In the meantime let’s start to think about it.

What do you think?