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Who we are …


With a deep passion for nature and a great respect for the world, we think we all are on the edge of an era marked by the technology boom and we would spread a message of change and improvement.

We would involve people in a project for the good of the world, improve themselves, learn from the Earth trying to guide the new generations’ hand to the sustainable era.

… live the life, improve the world …

We want to divulge the concept of good technology, taking advantage of the new tools it provides, create a new way to live: we want to use the technology not be used by it.

In the last 25 years technology’s boom has changed the world, our day by day life is no longer the same.

This massive modification in habits and behaviours has influenced our life style: if in the early 50s people tended to move to cities looking for jobs in promise of a better life, nowadays, moving and living in metropolis seems the only alternative, no longer a choice.

We are no longer citizen of a single country we are “citizen of the world”, pushed to live in big communities packed in crowded cities, following tight time schedules, joining the “ant” life.

Memories of the past are still sitting in the “elderly” where now this has a new meaning, it doesn’t refer anymore to the 70ish years old but more the 30ish, 40ish.

Thinking on it this is already an evidence of how the scale to measure the time has changed.

We don’t think this is what the pioneers of the internet’s era thought, we strive to improve and change this “ant colony” approach to the life.

In the 70’ and 80’ technology flourished and the myth of campus and colleges crowded with brilliant mind striving for a better future, inventing what is helping us today were true; luckily it still is, but now those belief are strongly limited to those beautiful sparkling campus areas.

We believe at that time the intent was to bring to the humanity something to use and enjoy not something to imprison our lives, after 40 years the seed they planted has grown strong and faster than they thought: nowadays that good technology can give us the chance to take back the ownership of our lives before we’ll be lost in it.